Mubushi(無節) is a traditional wood cutting techniques from ancient times in Japan.It is a product made only from knotless materials that are the ultimate in beauty.
The beauty of Nature's wood grain makes the viewer feel rich and at ease. Indicted to use it in the living room, bedroom, guest room, entrance, etc.


jyouko (上小)

For those who feel uncomfortable with Regular products with many knots, we recommend this product with one through three small knots.
This knots are almost all alive knots. However, all of the dead missing knots that occurred during processing are treated with twigs in the Filling processes (埋木).


Tokutou (特等)

It is a popular item with knots on the surface. The missing knots are filled with natural twigs from the mountains.
Please enjoy each different pattern. Since it is reasonably priced, please use it on the walls and ceilings of children's rooms, hallways, closets, washrooms, and undressing toilets.


Construction finish material

Our Special Wax

We also produce various Atopy Killer products, including Kokomi Wax coated products, all of which are made to order. When you place an order, we will provide you with a delivery date estimate along with the price. Customers commend that there is no need to worry about getting handprints or dirt during installation.
The Kokomi Wax for healthy housing is a 100% natural wax that does not use chemicals. It is also very popular as a wax for solid wood products such as furniture.
It gives wood a natural luster and luster, produces waterproof and antiseptic effects, and prevents stains. Compared to other natural paints, it works more efficiently and leaves no uneven coating, so anyone can use it easily. Propolis and eucalyptus oil have natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties.