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Atopic Killer is a 100% original product made from natural japanese cedar trees ranging 60 to 100 years old. It's a 99,99% natural building interior material. Used in Traditional Japanese buildings from ancient times, such as the Buddhist temples and Shrines of Nara, Kyoto and old private houses, The Cedar trees (杉 - Sugi) grown in Japan's climate are best suited as building materials in Japan. The spread of Atopic Killer has become a major mission to protect and nurture Japan's forests, provide health to the people, fix carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and prevent global warming.

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Mubushi (無節)

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Jyouko (上小)

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Tokutou (特等)

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Why Choose

Versatile in design

Versatile in design that matches well with Western-style living and kitchens

Humidity control

High humidity control and the aroma of wood (phytoncides).

Thermal conductivity

Low thermal conductivity, doesn't feel cold.

High insulation

Impact absorption

High impact absorption rate (moderate flexibility)

The Flooring Evolution of Atopic Killer

We avoid using fillers like putty or machine-made plugs and opt for natural cedar branches. It ensures long-term durability. Our Unique drying process allows us to preserve 100% of the wood's natural characteristics. We do not use sander's machine but our surface finish technique akin to the meticulous craftsmanship of a carpenter's hand plane, utilizing ultra-hardened blades. In the final stage, each piece undergoes a thorough quality check, and are handmade corrected using hand planes. Our flooring boasts a subtle sheen, offering a smooth and pleasant feel underfoot, and it's been highly praised for its slip resistance, even when walking barefoot or in stockings."

Purchasing Atopic Killer

Nearby Store

Regarding the purchase of "Atopy Killer," we will redirect you to make purchases at your local lumberyard, woodcraft store, or timber shop near your residence. We will also provide information about nearby Atopy Killer retailers. So If you could inform us about your region via email.

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After Installation

We cannot accommodate complaints or replacements after the purchase is completed. If you have any uncertainties regarding defective items or scratches, please inquire with the purchasing source before leaving the store place.

Factory's Store

Direct purchase

We also offer factory-direct sales at the factory gate. For those considering new construction or remodeling, we will provide cost and delivery date estimates. We don't usually keep a large inventory at the factory. In addition, in the case of orders from customers, we will provide an order contract. It's a good deal to pay for custom-made products. Once the amount is transferred to our company's bank account, we will begin the production of the ordered products as soon as confirmation is received. After the products are ready, we will promptly contact you for swift pickup. Please contact us by email!

Delivery services

We do not provide delivery services, so you need to bring a truck or a shipping agent on your own. For customers who wish to purchase small quantities for purposes like DIY, we offer size cutting services to those who visit us in a passenger car. Of course, this also applies to those who are interested in a factory tour.

Outlet Products

The Outlet products, although rejected during the manufacturing inspection, but can still serve specific purposes. We encourage you to inspect it in person and make your purchase decision based on your specific needs. Please do not insist on further discounts; we are already offering it at a very affordable price.The custumer must to come to the factory. It is available in limited quantities

Payment methods

Please be aware that all transactions for factory pickups will be conducted in cash only. We do not accept transactions in forms other than cash. We kindly request your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Import Atopic Killer

For those who have taken a liking to Atopy Killer and wish to import it into their own country for home renovations or business purposes, we would like to introduce Hitachi Port Corporation (日立埠頭株式会社), located approximately 35 minutes away from us by car in Hitachi Port, Ibaraki-Ken. Inside Hitachi Port, there are facilities such as customs and warehouses, making it a well-equipped port facility. Atopy Killer has also been sent from Hitachi Port to South Korea and used in residential construction, demonstrating its effectiveness.


Atopic Killer

original product

Finished Project


Wood Collecting Center

Cedar Tree

Do a Factory tour

We are opened to recieve you to know our factory and check the production process. We are currently accepting reservations via email. During the factory tour, we also offer direct sales of "Atopy Killer" products.

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Our Office

"Atopic Killer" is a product manufactured and sold by SAGAWA SANGYOU CO. LTD (株)佐川産業

Our office is next to the factory. We are looking forward to welcoming you with open arms.There are hot springs around our company as well. There are also many delicious gourmet restaurants such as the Italian restaurant "Raul" (楽生流), that makes use of Atopic Killer internally is quite fashionable. The taste is excellent, and it's a recommended place where you can enjoy a delightful meal in a relaxing atmosphere. You can also visit famous attractions like the Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge and experience bungee jumping. Fukuroda Waterfall is also in the vicinity.

Various products, including Atopi Killer, are registered trademarks protected by the Japanese government's Patent Office. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited by law."

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